The President of TMEDE

Konstantinos Makedos

President of Engineers and Public Works Contractors Fund 

Civil engineer, with long experience in the elaboration and coordination of static and transportation studies and extensive experience in the administration, organization and supervision of civil engineering projects. Holder of a class 3 public works design study in categories 08 (static studies) and 3rd class in class 10 (transport projects studies).

Welcome address of EPWCF Presidend 

Co-workers, Colleagues,

We live today one of the most critical periods of our newer history.

Over-indebtedness, unequal distribution of resources, a decline in productive capacity has caused problems for society, which, to cope with it, can only choose to operate in a spirit of solidarity and contribution, seeking to turn the crisis into an opportunity.

In this climate, the question of social security cannot be dealt with by ideological criteria but under conditions that bring about rationalization and regularity.

The distortions that have accumulated for decades prevent investment attraction while the domestic business class is unable to move due to a lack of resources, strategy and "disposal" often determined by unnecessary obsessions.

Over-taxation as the only way to find state resources is chosen as a one-way street and unfortunately is imposed on us, while a number of weaknesses such as high energy costs, bureaucracy and corruption make it even more difficult for the already heavy environment.

Within this climate, the goals we set ourselves as Fund Management are:

  • Improving its sustainability index and matching
  • Improving the standard of living of the members themselves, our insured persons.

Interventions should be immediate and creative.

The action is continuous and tenacious.

The decisions are quick and drastic.

The dialogue is permanent and fertile.

In this context, I ask you to give our best and we, as the Administration, promise you the power that you will give us to make it so that our course, our common course, will make us proud and worthy of your confidence.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Governing Committee of the Technical Chamber of Greece for its unanimous decision on my election as President of our Fund, as well as the competent Ministers G. Katrougalos and A. Petropoulos for her acceptance.

Always at your disposal 

Konstantinos Makedos 

EPWCF, Address: P. P. Germanou 3-5, Plateia Klafthmonos, 105 61, Athens, tel: 210 3740131 και 210 3740137